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  • Email's relevance in today's corporate environment cannot be overstated. The vast majority of professionals now check their email many times each day, making it an integral element of most employees' everyday life.
    But, managing email on a regular basis may be difficult for many people, particularly those who work in office situations. That is why many individuals employ an email management virtual assistant from VA Staffing Agency to help them stay organized and productive.
    Consider the following reasons why hiring an e-management virtual assistant may be advantageous if your inbox is out of control:

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Why Do You Need An Email Management Virtual Assistant to Handle Your Inbox?

When it comes to running a successful business, every second counts. It is a healthy practice to read your emails on a regular basis. But, it can consume precious and productive time that you are unaware of, necessitating the hiring of a Virtual Assistant. Not every email is necessary; the time spent determining which ones are relevant and which are spam is considerable.

When you employ an Email Managed VA, a VA takes over your email. They would scan through every email in your inbox, including spam, and tell you which ones are important and which are not. You would have a thorough knowledge of their job. Meanwhile, you may divert your attention elsewhere. Managing 1000s of emails is now the responsibility of your virtual assistant.

A tidy inbox allows you to quickly locate emails. A virtual assistant will now send and receive emails on your behalf, easing your workload. Contact Hire Coworker now to receive an Email Managed VA.

The Advantages Of Hiring Employees An Email Managed Va

You may wonder why you would pay someone to handle certain emails at first. As previously said, a successful business generates a large number of emails. Why is waste time reading emails when someone else is willing to do it for you? Let us look at the advantages:

  • Following up on leads is necessary but time-consuming. A virtual assistant can help you keep your leads informed. They also assist you in organizing your critical emails.

  • Have you ever glanced at your email at the end of the day and wondered how it gets so big? A virtual email assistant not only organizes your inbox but also keeps your most important emails at the front for a quick inspection. Certainly, they make your job simpler.

  • Many of us are not very skilled at utilizing email. We believe we know everything. Yet how frequently do we sit and pay attention when it comes to following up, setting our schedule, or integrating a management system? How many times have we considered organizing our email but always put it off? You can get support from a virtual email assistant with this.

  • Our assistants are trained in all disciplines due to their management abilities, experience, and interests. Our Hire Coworker virtual assistants are available to assist you with ongoing training on various products and activities. They are an expert at really executing the task, not just presenting it.

  • The biggest advantage of employing a virtual assistant is that it may help you save up to 80% of your operating expenditures. When you hire someone full-time, there are various fees like benefits, office space, and setting up a workstation for them to use. Another thousand bucks or more if you don't have a computer for them to use at work. You save a lot of time and money by hiring a virtual assistant.

How To Utilize An Email Management Virtual Assistant More Effectively

Hiring an email management virtual assistant simply to manage your email may seem excessive to you. Keep in mind, however, that many business owners live their life through email. How much simpler would your life be if you finally mastered email management?

Have you ever considered that your email inbox may be much more than a list of tasks to complete?

To exemplify this, consider some of the tools you may use in conjunction with an email management virtual assistant and how they might help you.

  • SalesHandy.
  • Here's an excellent illustration of what email can accomplish when used with the software. You may use tools like SalesHandy to automate and track your email outreach by including either Outlook or Gmail. You may also plan emails to be sent at specific times.

  • SaneBox.
  • Want to make your email inbox more "sane"? This AI-for-email solution can include a "Do Not Disturb" function, allowing you to be more productive and block out external distractions without losing sight of what's going on in your inbox. This is great for anyone who understands that the typical distraction takes roughly 25 minutes to recover from. You'll save hours every day if you can stop that pattern before it starts.

  • Thunderbird.
  • What if your email inbox was more user-friendly, similar to how you might navigate the Internet? Thunderbird achieves this by transforming your inbox into a "tabbed" representation of events. It means you may handle your emails similarly to how you surf the web, and when you're finished, you can just dismiss the client and go about your business.

  • Boomerang.
  • Do you want to snooze messages? Modify the time your emails are delivered. Add a simple readability check in your email signature to ensure that your instructions and sales pitches are clear and plain. Boomerang is one of the most popular programs for managing email and increasing your productivity.

    Of course, there are many email solutions that may help you increase the number of emails you can send out or add other touches to your sales emails, such as greater customization.

    However, we understand that this may appear to be a lot of work. Who has time to assess all of these applications, install them on your smartphone or computer, and then learn how to utilize all of the features? Certainly not you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this in the first place.

    Consider what your email management virtual assistant can accomplish for you once they've integrated the correct technologies for your personal needs:

    • Finding potential follow-ups
    • Scheduling emails to be sent at the appropriate time
    • Organize emails into a fresh, user-friendly interface.
    • Develop a "do not disturb" function to boost productivity.

    If all of this seems like something you'd like to do to organize your email, you should consider hiring an email management virtual assistant to help you.

How Can I Find And Hire An Email Or Chat Virtual Assistant?

You must first set the work specifications before employing a virtual assistant. Here are a few guide questions to ask to determine the precise sort of email management services you require:

When it comes to chatting assistance, experience is critical. Look for someone who has previously held at least one chat support position and done it successfully. Another thing to consider is their typing speed. Chat support VAs must be able to type swiftly and accurately.

When you've completed the task requirements, the next step is to choose a reputable virtual staffing organization, such as Hire Coworker, and set up a consultation call. This call will assist your VA service provider in matching you with the optimal VA for your requirements.

After you have a few VA applicants to choose from, you'll need to evaluate their resumes and interview your top picks so you can get to know them better and discover the best VA or VAs for the position.

Try assigning a simulated email and chat support duty to your applicants. Be their customer and ask them standard consumer inquiries. Offer them many scenarios and observe how they react to each one.



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Do You Have Questions

What Methods Do Virtual Assistants Use To Manage Emails?

Daily email management would be required. A competent email management virtual assistant would understand how to leverage third-party plugins, rules, filters, and applications to help you organize and automate your emails. A VA can also use email connectors with calendars and management systems.

How Can I Assign Email Handling To A Virtual Assistant?

Begin by categorizing the emails you receive and dividing them into personal and business categories. You may choose which emails are private, which you want to react to personally, and which you want your VA to handle.

What Qualities Should I Look For In An Email Management Virtual Assistant?

It will depend on your requirements. If you need to increase your sales outreach efforts, you'll need to hire an email management virtual assistant who is well-versed in automation and outreach. Let them show you how to contact new leads and arrange follow-ups in the most effective and least distracting manner possible.

Can I Put My Email Address In The Hands Of A Virtual Assistant?

Hire Coworker Virtual Assistants (VAs) are qualified experts who can be trusted with your data. They will sign confidentiality agreements and only utilize safe and trustworthy tools.



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