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Classic Business Cards

Graphic design is a profession, academic discipline and applied art.

Gudget Business Card

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

Textured Business Card

The goal of logo design is to create a visual brand mark that represents a company.

Metallic Business Cards

A skilled user of Adobe Photoshop, capable of creating and editing digital images for various purposes.

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

A professional proficient in using Adobe InDesign, a software program for creating and formatting documents.

Non-Tearable Business Cards

An expert in creating original artwork using various mediums and techniques.

Translucent Business Cards

The process of updating and improving the design and functionality of an existing website.

Social Business Cards

A business card is a small card with contact information for a person or business.

What is Business Cards?

A business card designer helps to create business cards to promote your company directly to key industry influencers and business contacts. A designed business card can effectively substantiate your marketing message or brand promise.

What is the process of Business Card Design?

Our business card design process typically includes 2-3 concepts of the initial business card design, and then the client can give feedback and input on what they like or do not like. We can mix concepts and match portions of colours, fonts, and other elements between the concepts to finalise a direction. We then work on a couple of rounds of changes to finalise the chosen concept.

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How do you hire a Business Card Designer?

Making a prime impression is essential in any business context. As the saying goes, ‘first impressions last’. There is no better time to advance the expectations of your business than during that preliminary interaction.

Oddly enough, one of the most influential components of an early engagement boils down to exchanging small printed cards with your contact details. A business card design online is an essential takeaway from a chance meeting or business discussion. As such, it is paramount that business cards not only have accurate information, they want to be memorable and of premium quality.

Your business card may be the most essential device in your sales toolkit. An opportunity provided to promote your company directly to business contacts and key industry influencers, a quality business card can substantiate your brand promise or marketing message subtly but effectively.

Why do I need a digital business card?

Digital business cards are the most efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly way to grow and network your business. Unlike the old paper-based business cards, digital business cards can centralise your online presence under one profile, so it’s always ready to share! Unlike physical business cards, your information is always up to date - and editable without wasting money on paper reprinting paper-based cards.

What is the Usefulness of Business Card Designs?

The well-thought-of and attractive business card designs online never fail to catch customers’ eyes. Again, these designs build promising impersonations of a business. When a business card displays the company details and where ideal brand colours, as well as typeface, are there, it shows a professional look. Additionally, it makes a brand identifiable to customers.
No matter whether you are a founder of a startup or an individual graphic designer, you need to finalise two important design components before you begin to think of a business card:

  • Brand colour scheme
  • Finished logo

Colour schemes and logos are vital visual choices when it comes to branding. These components play a huge part in forming a business card. Additionally, they also help in influencing other areas, such as identity and layout.

What are the Rules for designing a Business Card?

Business cards help make people’s dreams of making their small businesses a reality. This is why companies want Business card designers for hire who know how to do justice to this job. Some rules you want to follow for Business card design online are:

Discovering a template that would reflect the identity of your brand – You need to be mindful that your business card does say a lot of things about your business. Hence, it is essential to select a design that would reflect your brand very well.

Discover the perfect typeface – The font you select must represent your brand. You can like a stylish script when you are a professional coach, but you ought to choose a typewriter-inspired font when you are a writer. This will make it simple for people to read.

Business card designer

Zero in on a definite size and shape - The size and orientation of a business card will affect the amount of detail the card will hold. The majority of the business cards are rectangular, and they are laid out horizontally. But, people want to make their presence evident at times, so they select rounded corners, square shapes, or vertical orientation of business cards.

Arrange your information – Your business card must provide everything customers need to know about your business. Hence, it should have your name, job title, telephone number, business name, email address, website, etc. Hence, you must include this kind of information so that customers can contact you.

Doing double duty – You want to use the reverse side of your business card for a blank canvas, loyalty stamps, or appointment reminders. For instance, you should comprise a little recipe for a drink or signature dish when you run a cocktail restaurant or bar. People use a business card as a tag for clothing, accessories, jewellery and various crafts.

Include something special – When you want your business card to turn unique, you must include some unusual design elements.

What are the tips for designing business cards?

To get a good business card for your business, follow these tips:

1. Create a lasting impression. A colourful and beautiful business card is great; do not overdo it. Remember that your ultimate goal is to create a private hire business card that communicates the industry you are in and how people should contact you.
Whether you hand out business cards at your place of a conference, business, seminar or tradeshow, your prospects will probably already have a dozen cards stuffed in their wallets. Therefore, your business card must be unique. If it is a business card for a professional, consider including your best photo on the card, using attractive colours and a high-quality gloss card stock for printing.

2. Ensure your font sizes are comfortable, large, and enough to read. The colour of your text should complement the background of the business card.

3. Taglines and Slogans. If you have a business slogan or tagline, include it on your business card. If you do not have one already, consider creating one. A good motto will help your existing and new clients remember the type of service you provide. This is very important if your business offers a service that is not easily recognisable from your name.

4. Printing makes a difference, too. Make sure to print your premium business cards on quality card stock. You can spoil a great business card design if printed on poor-quality paper. This will give your prospects the impression that they are dealing with a second-grade business. Always hire a professional full-colour printing service to print your business cards.

5. Contact details. Remember to include your email address, website, and physical location. Every potential client you meet will need to know these contact details.

How do you choose the right paper for business cards?

Guide list here for business card:

1. Identify your price range

Before you decide anything else, you need to establish a price range. Your budget will eventually determine the type of paper you choose for your business cards. The cheapest option for business cards is a 100 Ib gloss cover, a cardstock. 14-point cardstock is the standard option for business cards and allows for a more professional look. If you have a higher budget, consider 16-point card stock, which is thicker than 14-point.

2. Decide the look you need

Knowing your budget, you can also determine the type of look you want your business card to have. You could choose 14-point card stock, as it is the most common option for businesses or add a gloss finish or UV coating.

3. Make sure about where you will store them

When choosing the right business card paper, think about how you’ll store and transport your business cards. While 16-point cardstock may seem more official due to its thickness, if you want to maximise the number you carry, you may want to go with 14-point cardstock.

4. Considering that you want to present the type of quality

Overall, the kind of paper you go with will be determined by the type of quality you want to present to your customers and business partners. By investing in quality business card design with a sleek finish, unique colours and thickness, you can project the type of business you want to be within your industry.



A company's reputation can be greatly affected by its design strategies. At each stage of the branding, web development, and graphic design process, essential design elements are present. Additionally, it is of the utmost importance to employ dedicated designers who possess the necessary experience, skills, and credibility.

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I design brand identities, mobile app UI & UX, design systems, websites and graphic design for advertising. We use various tools to make the work smooth and fast for the clients.








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As technology advances, it becomes increasingly important for designers to create engaging and meaningful interactions between people and products.








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I am a specialist logo designer, offering my identity design services to businesses and entrepreneurs from around the globe, working with them to take their business identity to the next level.







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Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Flash

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Adobe InDesign

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You need to hire design professionals who are innovative, creative, and experienced if you want to take your digital and online presence to the next level. Customer satisfaction and expertise in all areas, including SEO optimization, lead conversion, coding nitty-gritty, and so on, can only be guaranteed by professional design services.

Cost Savings

Branded appearance in line with current industry trends.

More Creativity

Responsive design that is tailored to mobile devices.

Time Zone Advantage

Enhanced online visibility as a result of compatibility with social media.




Before beginning the design process for a client, it is important to do research to understand their business, target audience, and goals for the project. Some specific areas you may want to research include.


A prototype is a preliminary version of a product or design that is used for testing and evaluation. In the design process, creating a prototype can be an important step before finalizing the design.Overall, creating a prototype can be a useful way to ensure that the final design meets the client's needs and expectations.


If the design is approved, the designer may create the final version of the design and prepare it for production or implementation. This may involve creating detailed design assets, such as vector graphics or high-resolution images.


Before launch it, our testing team test or trial it very carefully, when client approved it then we launch it. And we are always happy to help you if there is any bug/issue.


Our Pricing

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Do You Have Questions?
How do I hire a designer?

Simply fill out the form with your requirements, and we'll send you resumes and designer profiles that have been reviewed. After that, you can interview, test, and shortlist the designers you think would be best for your project.

Will I get high-quality designs?

We have a tried-and-true, custom-designed work process led by skilled design professionals and experienced quality analysts. Additionally, because you get to interact with clients and receive immediate feedback, our exclusive hiring models bridge the gap between designers and customers. In addition, you can check the quality of our work at any time during your time working with us.

What if I don’t like the designs?

You can simply talk to your hired design expert and express your concerns, allowing them to rework the design to meet your needs perfectly. You can request that the designer be replaced at no additional cost if you are still dissatisfied.

Who will have ownership of the designs?

All of the work you receive from us remains yours entirely.

Is my data safe with you?

A stringent Non-Disclosure Agreement with severe penalties for violating client confidentiality is required of all of our designers. In addition, secure servers store all sensitive data, and you can always request access to your designer's workstation.

How will I communicate with my hired designer?

Emails and HD video conferencing make it easy to stay in touch with the hired resources.



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